Admission to The International School in Genoa is based upon available space and upon the ability of the school to offer a program suitable for the applicants’ educational needs.  There is no discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, and ethnic, or national origin.

ISG enrolls children from age 3 to 18 (Pre-School through Grade 12), however, enrollment and grade placement depend on assessment of academic performance, screening for the English language and class size.

If you are interested to apply, please fill the following  

If you are interested in considering the registration to our school for future school years and you want to be informed about our Open days and playgroup events, please register here.

The requirements for admissions testing vary by grade level. In general, this is how the Admissions Process works:

Step 1: Visit of the school


You are invited to visit the school and learn more about the educational program offered at ISG. At this point your child will be placed on a waiting list. Arrangements will be made for testing and interview for all students applying from Grade 1 and up. Acceptance to Early Childhood will depend on available spots.

Step 2: Admission documents – Screening – Interviews

All students must fill the following Admissions Form including general information about the candidate.

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Early Childhood and Elementary School Admissions
Students applying to Early Childhood will be admitted according to the availability of space. Children who have reached the age of three by December 31, can be admitted into Pre-School.  From ages three to five, ISG will apply  open admission to all candidates. No knowledge of English is required and students should provide a health certificate indicating dates of vaccinations.

At ages six and up, developmentally appropriate screenings will be administered to determine enrollment feasibility. Factors such as native language development, social and emotional development, previous school progress reports, teacher observation, and parent comments will be used along with other pertinent class information, such as class size and construction, to determine entrance  at ISG.  Conditional admission may be granted by the Director based on requirements of additional English or academic subject tutoring.  Grade placement may be reviewed by the administration in consultation with the professional staff of ISG and the parents within four weeks following enrollment and at other times as deemed appropriate.  The Director will make the final decisions in these cases.

Middle School Admissions
For admission to middle school, students need to submit report cards from the previous three years.  ISG will conduct a screening based on the level of written and spoken English and mathematics.  Results of any standardized testing should also be included.  Students who lack necessary English skills will be enrolled in a modified program with ESL support.

High School Admissions
Students need to submit report cards or transcripts from the previous three school years. ISG will also carry out screenings based on written and spoken English as well as mathematics.  Students entering in the 11th grade and wishing to follow the IB program will need to make a special application and talk with the IB coordinator regarding course  selection. All candidates from Grade 9 and up will be interviewed by the Director of the School.

Step 3: Submit required documents


All applicants must submit the following documents:

  1. Photocopies of school records or transcripts for the previous 3 school years, when available.
  2. Results from any standardised testing.
  3. Student’s Portfolio, when available.
  4. For High School candidates, a confidential letter of recommendation in English from the student’s current school. It is possible to use the following forms:

The forms must be sent directly by the school to

Step 4: Enrolment

Consequent to satisfactory testing and interview, your child will be offered a place in our school. In order to accept our offer, the family must submit the Administrative  registration documents. The Admissions office will send them directly to the family.

Please note that all new students must order and purchase the Physical Education Uniform form through the website.