On Monday, November 23rd, 2015 we are very happy to be welcoming to ISG Dr. Nick Ithomitis, the Principal of the Camden Hills Regional High School in Maine, USA, who will be visiting with us for two days.

CHRHS is our student exchange program partner and we are planning to have a meeting for grade 8 – grade 10 parents who are interested in learning more about the program on Monday 23rd at 8:30 am in the auditorium.

Please take a few moments to click and reply to the questionnaire that will help us better plan this event as well a the exchange program. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Exchan

As we hope many of you know, last year we started a student exchange program with the Camden Hills Regional High School in Maine, USA (http://www.fivetowns.net/).

We had two exchange programs offered to our students:

Two week Exchange: The first of the programs is a short term, two-week exchange in which our students go to Maine in October, visit the school, and stay with host families for two weeks, and in return in April students from Maine come to visit ISG and are hosted by our students.

Full Semester Exchange: We also offered our students the opportunity to spend one semester at CHRHS from September until January, while the students from CHRHS will be at ISG from the end of January until the end of June.

In both cases, students and families who opt to participate in either or both of the exchange programs will be hosted and are expected to host in return.

Samer N. Khoury


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