Dear Parents,

As you may be aware, at The International School in Genoa, every student in grades 6-12 is required to come to school with a computer that will be used in class during lessons and at home to do their homework as part of our 1:1 Technology Program. In the past three years we have been offering the possibility to lease Macbooks through the school.

This year, in order to get a new Macbook, parents will be using a more convenient option, recently made available to schools: the Apple Parental Purchase Program. For more information and to proceed with the order, please read the attached document.

Please note that:

– this is a new service that the school is providing to our community, particularly to allow for payments by installments.

– We invite those parents who requested a new Macbook through the school, to follow the instructions described in the attachment.

Macbooks ordered through the Apple Parental Purchase Program will be delivered to school.

As an alternative, parents are also welcome to buy their MacBook directly from a MacBook reseller, if they wish so.

For any further clarification, please contact Ms. Betty Bertoldo.

Kind Regards,

The International School in Genoa


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