DECISION TIME – May 17th, 2018

Dear Members of the ISG Community,

This is another turning point in the history of the International School in Genoa.  In 2008 when many of us, myself included, were not yet part of the ISG community, several members made the decision to move the school to this campus, taking a leap of faith and continuing to push against all odds and keep an international school in existence to serve the local and international community in Genoa.  It was certainly a time of doubt and uncertainty; nevertheless, there was a strong decision and commitment. Over the last ten years, many hours have been spent to ensure we are meeting our financial obligations while working towards offering an academic program that will compete with and match some of the best schools in the world.

However we are now in 2018 and as the work goes on, yet we see the light at the end of tunnel, and we are able to better make decisions that we hope will better serve our school and community now and for the next fifty years.   During the last several General Assemblies, Parent Meetings, and multiple communications, we have shared with you our financial obligations and how we have planned to meet them.  We are now at a stage where we are no longer reacting to meet those demands but are actively planning to take charge and build for the future.

To put it simply, by 2035, if the current situation continues, the school will pay almost eleven million Euros in rent for our current campus, not to mention all other obligations.  If this is our own home, we would opt to buy and invest in a manner that will secure that in 20 years we would have left something for the next generation, just as those who in 1966, decided to start a school in Genoa.   It simply makes sense.

A few months ago, we called for an extraordinary General Assembly, where we needed 75% of the associates to be present either physically or by proxy in order to make a decision with regards to the Board structure to address what is needed to move the school forward.   We needed 75% of the associates, which translates into 200 families of the existing 266 families.  We were a little short.

On May 17, 2018 we are planning a great celebration as well as an extraordinary General Assembly where we would like to introduce the new project of the plan to purchase the campus, move towards a Day and Boarding school, and create stability on the Board.   The decision to buy the campus is a Board decision, but we need your participation, as we will have a committee of parents to oversee the project. On May 17th we will be seeking your input.

The call for a vote is on the following two issues:

  1. Board Structure.
  2. Number of votes by proxy

Details are attached.

We are not encouraging you to vote for or against, as that is entirely up to you. We are asking you to ensure your participation and to urge you to take part in the decision-making.  We are asking for your commitment to vote, so that the school leadership has a clear indication of the wishes of the Association.

The decision to make changes on the Board structure may make sense to some, and some may have doubts, but we need to have that discussion and we need to make a decision. It may be important to clarify that the new proposed Board structure will guarantee that the power of decision remains with the Association, as the majority of six members out of eleven will remain to be voted by the Association while only 5 will be appointed.  The only focus is to create stability, continuity and follow through with decision-making while we take the school through this exciting period.

We truly believe that this project will not only be good for the future of the school but will have a positive impact on the City of Genoa and the Region.  By 2035, many of us will have moved on, myself included.  Yet we hope to leave something for the next generation just as those who in 1966 and in 2008 left for this generation.

We strongly encourage you to attend and make your voice heard. We need your participation either by attending in person or by proxy.  On Thursday, May 17th we plan to celebrate, regardless of the outcome of the vote.  But it is fundamental that we have at least 75% participation to register an official vote!   ISG has a lot to celebrate, and if the last few months and years have demonstrated anything, it has demonstrated the great number of community members who are committed to the school and its growth.

The reception will be held at IGS and will be catered by Gemi Piccoli Grandi Eventi.  We will also have music.

Please RSVP at this link Parents Apericena Registration Form and we look forward to seeing you then.

19:00 Aperitivo/ Registration

20:00 pm General Assembly

20:45 pm Continue with reception

22:00 close

Samer N. Khoury


Extraordinary General Assembly call EGM

Proxy 2018



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