IB Diploma Summary Results Class of 2017:

  • Number of diploma and retake candidates registered in the session: 17
  • Number of candidates who passed the diploma: 16
  • Average total score of candidates who earned the diploma = 32.3 points (maximum possible is 45 points)
  • Average total score of all candidates = 31.6 points (maximum possible is 45 points)
  • Average grade per subject = 5.19 points (maximum possible is 7 points)
  • 10 students – 58.8% of the class – scored more than 30 points.
  • 6 students – 35.3% of the class – scored at least 35 points.
  • Final total scores of students who earned the diploma ranged from 25 to 40 points.
  • Highest diploma points awarded to a candidate: 40


Congratulations to our students on their achievement, as well as on their outstanding University acceptances. A special mention goes to Paolo Belloni, who has been accepted to Harvard University.
Everyone will go to university: 12 of them will attend their first choice university.
This year our students will be heading to:
Harvard University
City, University of London
University of Sussex
Bocconi University
University of Rotterdam
Webster University in Holland
Emlyon Business School
Royal Holloway
American University
Medical School in Italy
Università degli Studi di Genova
European University of Madrid
University of Gastronomic Sciences
University of Groningen
Sciences PO – Reims University

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